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This is what I get for neglecting to check deviantart for so long. Missed a tagged post, among a lot of other personal things going on. 

Alrighty, I'll just try and make this as painless as possible for me and anyone who reads this. I have been tagged by  :iconhopebringer-jem: So lets start with the rules then the 10 facts no one really cares about. 

  • You must post these rules.

  1. Answer the ten questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up ten questions for the ten you tag.
  2. Choose ten people and put their icons in your journal.
  3. Go to their page and inform them they have been tagged by you.
  4. Not something like, "You are tagged if you read that."
  5. You have to legitimately tag ten people.
  6. No tag-backs
  7. You can't say you don't do tags.
  8. You MUST make a journal entry.
(I actually won't be tagging anyone, feel free to do it if you like) 

10 Facts

!. Recently lost my job, looking for another one.
2. Took in a stray dog my other dogs brought me, super cute fluffy monster that I named Balto. 
3. Trying to fight off depression. 
4. Slowly working on costumes I've had on the shelf for over a year because I'm easily distracted. 
5. I need some new books, I've read the ones I have so many times. 
6. I've really gotten into SWTOR, if you're on you should come level with or something. 
7. I forgot how relaxing swimming was, I need to find a pool to swim in over the winter. 
8. my tablet is out of commission at the moment which sucks because I have the time and desire to draw again. 
9. I want to go back and finish school but I need money for that.
10. Wishing I'd quit my job so long ago. 

Questions :iconhopebringer-jem: has for me

1.. What kind of personalities do the pets in your life have?

Needy, goofy, demanding drama queens the whole lot of them. 

2. How much are you considering hurting me right now for tagging you in this?
scale of 1-10? I'd give it a 5

3. Home improvement, do it yourself or hire someone else to do it for you? Why?
Depends on the project really. I replaced the sink myself and installed a ceiling fan. 

4. Do you include the humans in your life when you talk about your menagerie?
No. Not many humans in my life sadly. 

5. Dangerous Beauty or Dark City?
Dark City

6.Who else believes we should allow for genetic mapping for more individualized health care with fewer side effects?
Wasn't there a movie about this? Gattica?

7. Political correctness...?
I so don't have the spoons to deal with that question right now. 

8.There are not enough cute critter pictures on the internet?
No, there aren't enough cute pics of animals on the internet. 

9.Common Core Standards needs to....?
tricky question really, I'm for and against it. I feel like so many kids aren't getting the education they deserve, overcrowded classrooms, underpaid teachers and so forth. I could go on, but I won't. 

10. I wish to go to...?
I wish to leave this planet. 

  • Listening to: Sia-Chandelier
  • Reading: Wish
  • Watching: Cinderella
  • Playing: SWTOR
  • Eating: candy
  • Drinking: hot chocolate


United States
Current Residence: unknown
Personal Quote: "Join the Dark Side, we have cookies"

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